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  • Zephyrus Records Christmas sales until January 6 - offering two CD bundles and receive a free gift with any purchase. (Tout-Puissant: 10 Years of Zephyrus and World Music in Ghent) - Ho ho ho hooray! Myrddin CD Bundle: https://zephyrusrecords.be/product/myrddin-cd-bundle/ Va

  • Jamaican Jazz Orchestra will be dropping a new single later this month, including two new tunes "Ah Beh Bah" and "Big Belly Blues". (ZEPS043) Pre-orders of the 7" vinyl single will already include digital downloads of the track as soon as

  • Kaigome Seguiriya Ana Llanes - dance Myrddin - guitar Choreography by Ana Llanes Music composed by Myrddin Performed at the Bonbonnière, Tinnenpot Theatre, Ghent on the 8th of December 2017 Recorded and mixed by Michiel Lagae Video by Paprikamix vzw