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  • Invoking the sound of Rebetiko, title track Musafir breathes the groove, sound and vibe of Greco-Turkish music. The octet Halva recreates the sound of a Middle Eastern orchestra, forming the background for guest vocalist Andriana Achitzanova. https://song.link/i/1730048597

  • Like waves that come and go, polyrhythmic patterns are expanded in this track, creating a mood that is both energetic and floaty. The trio's unique blend of acoustic sounds and effects is immediately recognisable. "1.2" is the centrepiece of the

  •    'Gaïsha - Warakatan wa Kalam' A video by Grégoire Verbeke https://www.gregoireverbeke.be With the support of Sabam For Culture & Playright ℗ © Zephyrus Records - https://www.zephyrusrecords.be

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZczP_mqJyYI We all know Kosmo Sound is not afraid to mix sounds with dub, they proof this yet again with their latest single YOMALA. This time Kosmo Sound experiment with the traditional sounds of Gnawa. For this single they get

  • Gaïsha played in Theater Arsenaal, the historical charm of the venue and modern amenities made the evening extra special. Watch the video of their song 'Ya Naghlate El Blouh' to relive the magic.