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  • Several live concerts have been added to the Black Flower agenda. Come and check them live if you dare. // Sept 16 - L'Boulevard Festival, Casablanca (MA) // Sept 21 - La Marberie, Montreuil (FR) // Sept 22 - L'Asca,

  • Marmorera Soleá por Bulerías Ana Llanes - dance Myrddin - guitar Nathan Daems - flute Robbe Kieckens - percussion Choreography by Ana Llanes Music composed by Myrddin Marmorera  Until the end of the 19th century, the population of Marmorera was

  • Myrddin has started recordings for his new album at Eureka Studios in Cordoba, Spain. From the 10th of July until the 19th he recorded more then 33 hours of music in collaboration with Spanish engineer/producer Fernando Vacas.