Gaïsha is a collaboration between Belgian-Moroccan singer Aïcha Haskal and exquisite musicians from the Belgian music scene, bringing you oriental & psychedelic grooves with a Brussels twist. Aicha Haskal’s voice is smooth and warm and switches seamlessly between Arabic chants, parlando and even rap. The diverse background of the musicians (Absynthe Minded, Sylvie Kreusch, Va Fan Fahre, Echoes of Zoo, De Beren Gieren) results in a brilliant melting pot of styles.

After ‘Ghalat’, Gaïsha is now revealing ‘Ana Aïcha‘, the first single of their upcoming album. With this song singer Aïcha wants to pay tribute to her name, which literally means ‘liberty’. The song reflects her rebellious voice that rises up against oppression of women and fights for gender equality. The bottom line is ‘live your life to the fullest, regardless of conventional cultural standards’. The melody translates the protest by creating an atmosphere that runs the gamut from intimate nostalgia to stirring rhythms. 

Growing up in a family where playing music was taboo for women, Aïcha was secretly part of the Brussels hip hop scene at the age of sixteen. She even participated in a contest on a Belgian television channel, equipped with a cap and standing with her back to the public. Unfortunately the gig came to her father’s ear and a few years of radio silence followed.  At a later age she arrived in the masculin world of classical Arabic music. But Aïcha stood strong and due to her perseverance she is now the leading lady of Gaïsha.  

Have a listen:

vocals – Aicha Haskal
guitar – Eduardo Vega (Antwerp Gypsy Ska, Proyecto Secreto)
bass guitar – Lieven Van Pee (Beren Gieren, Echoes of Zoo)
drums – Nico Leonard (Victor Rice Septet, Moon Invaders)
percussion – Falk Schrauwen (Sylvie Kreush, Echoes of Zoo)
organ/synths – Michael De Schryver (Va Fa Fahre, Proyecto Secreto)
violin – Renaud Ghilbert (Absynthe Minded)



Ana Aïsha

What Gaïsha showcases in the ten tracks is incredibly danceable and mega funky. It’s as if the spirits of Serge Gainsbourg and Dick Dale meet in an Eastern bar and watch a blaxploitation film together. This music is the perfect soundtrack to set any party or festival on fire. – Luminous Dash BE

What a fabulous mix of influences from the Belgian-Maroccan singer Aïcha Haskal. With a few Belgian musicians, skilled on jazz – ska – latin tunes and percussion, she created an energetic spellbounding melting pot. – Keys and Chords


Ghalat / L’Amour Digital

Who is a fan of the music of Altin Gün, has a nice discovery with this new single from the Ghent based Gaïsha. – Indie Style
The rhythm, synths and groove seem western, but otherwise everything about this track exudes an eastern melancholy. And when Haskal switches to French, you imagine yourself somewhere in a shisha bar in cosmopolitan Paris. – Damusic
Sounds like: an Arab-psychedelic cracker with a pinch of funk and Serge Gainsbourg – Cutting Edge