“While Myrddin tells mysterious stories and fairy tales with endless interfalls of notes on his guitar, Imre hypnotises your soul with the sound waves of her cello”

Starting from their genetic bound they travel through a journey that finds its origin in Myrddin’s written compositions. His technical virtuosity, his taste for experimentation and his deep lyrical sensibility merge into a unique musical world. The daughter of Myrddin, Imre, cellist, made her debut with her father at the Gent Jazz Festival in 2018. The beginning of a great career was written in the stars. Their debut album is due to release in the spring of 2023. Imre, who knows and feels his music like no other, complements her virtuoso father in a sensitive, cutting and unctuous way. Making a perfect blend of sharp and soft. The family of musicians De Cauter puts a new generation of musicians ahead…





“Imagine… Being able to play music together with such ease, joy, rhythm and harmony as the swallows spiral through the air. It is a dream for life to be able to achieve something so beautiful.” – Myrddin



Not obvious to combine classic cello playing with a flamenco guitar. On ‘Zwaluwe’ you will notice that father and daughter find each other in music and nature. Score: 3,5/5 – Marino Serdons

Zwaluwe is an album that comes perfectly into its own on warm summer evenings, when the birds provide background sounds as you drift away on the beautiful melodies. – Bart Verlent