Talking Spirits is a unique group of musicians with diverse backgrounds and influences. They blend world music, folk music, jazz and Anglo-Caribbean rhythms, inspired by different musical traditions.
The band members have extensive experience and have collaborated with notable artists, including Frank Zappa, Joan Armatrading, Jeff Beck, Incognito, Billy Ocean, Van Morrison Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.  Their first album, called “Hands,” was released June 9th and features contributions from former Breakfast Band members plus guest appearances. The album showcases the band members’ exceptional talents and multicultural influences.



” A record that mixes folk, world music, jazz and Anglo-Caribbean music and which makes life sing.”
 Le Soir
“Each song flows quietly on  tribal beats and a theme that Lascelles then fills with special sounds from his keyboard.”
–  Luminous Dash
“You’re dealing with a group of very talented musicians who, seasoned as they are, know almost perfect music to make.”
–  Rootstime

“Talking spirits, hands that are ready for a levitation with sometimes a South American rhythmic touch and you have a few defining ingredients of this very melodic disc, which still surprises with the sparkling elaboration of the themes.”
Jazz & Mo





“James had added depth to his understanding of music and the myriad of cultures that help to create the beauty in the world. Exploring the links and origins of instruments and tribes James brings a hybrid but still original mix of Global Tribal Music!”

“From the start, we are swept along with the tasty groove where the worldly arrangements give it a lot of colour.” – Luminous Dash