New single by Spëcht – 2.3

Appealing to the adventurous soul of the listener, the second chapter takes you to one place and then another, blurring the lines. The closing track, 2.3 is addressed more directly to the body, inviting the listener to delve deep down. A distinctive groove settles in this piece. The track features on the band’s second album ‘Triptyques‘, weaving […]

Halva – Musafir

Invoking the sound of Rebetiko, title track Musafir breathes the groove, sound and vibe of Greco-Turkish music. The octet Halva recreates the sound of a Middle Eastern orchestra, forming the background for guest vocalist Andriana Achitzanova.

new single by Spëcht out today

Like waves that come and go, polyrhythmic patterns are expanded in this track, creating a mood that is both energetic and floaty. The trio’s unique blend of acoustic sounds and effects is immediately recognisable. “1.2” is the centrepiece of the first chapter on the band’s second album ‘Triptyques‘, weaving together grooves and sonic textures across […]

Warakatan wa Kalam Videoclip

   ‘Gaïsha – Warakatan wa Kalam’ A video by Grégoire Verbeke With the support of Sabam For Culture & Playright ℗ © Zephyrus Records –

Kosmo Sound ft. Imane Guemssy – Yomala

We all know Kosmo Sound is not afraid to mix sounds with dub, they proof this yet again with their latest single YOMALA. This time Kosmo Sound experiment with the traditional sounds of Gnawa. For this single they get backed up by the vocals of Imane Guemssy. Their first collaboration with vocalist, Imane Guemssy kicks […]

Gaïsha live: Theater Arsenaal Mechelen

Gaïsha played in Theater Arsenaal, the historical charm of the venue and modern amenities made the evening extra special. Watch the video of their song ‘Ya Naghlate El Blouh’ to relive the magic.

Zephyrus in the ‘Womex’ top 20 labels of the year

Dear press contact, journalist, enthousiast, From Tin Pan Alley to the deep south of Spain, from jazz to flamenco to roots: each and every musical tradition was created thanks to people and their endless urge to explore. That is why Zephyrus nourishes the very heart of music: the artists that create it, time and time […]

Myrddin, Nino de Los Reyes, Lionel Beuvens & Vigdis De Cauter

 Myrddin, Nino de Los Reyes, Lionel Beuvens & Vigdis De Cauter performing Solea por Buleria (Scarlatti) at Zarlardingas. (excerpt from the 2021 Livestream concert) Guitar – Myrddin De Cauter Dance – Nino de los Reyes Drums – Lionel Beuvens Piano – Vigdis De Cauter    

Hands by Talking Spirits

Talking Spirits present a unique blend of world jazz. A group of musical friends all which are respected London based session musicians with a very mixed repertoire. The band mixes up world music, folk, jazz and Anglo/Caribbean grooves, inspired by influences from all over the world. The members have honed their skills over the decades, working […]

Gaïsha tops at #1 in World Music Charts Europe

Gaïsha, the extraordinary collaboration between Belgian-Moroccan singer Aïcha Haskal and a group of outstanding musicians from the Belgian music scene, has achieved a remarkable feat by capturing first place in the prestigious World Music Charts Europe. Bringing oriental and psychedelic grooves with a unique Brussels twist, Gaïsha captivates audiences with their eclectic mix of musical […]