Zephyrus Records Christmas Sales

Zephyrus Records Christmas sales until January 6 – offering two CD bundles and receive a free gift with any purchase. (Tout-Puissant: 10 Years of Zephyrus and World Music in Ghent) – Ho ho ho hooray! Myrddin CD Bundle: https://zephyrusrecords.be/product/myrddin-cd-bundle/ Va Fan Fahre CD Bundle: https://zephyrusrecords.be/product/va-fan-fahre-cd-bundle/

New single by Jamaican Jazz Orchestra on 7″ vinyl coming up later this month

Jamaican Jazz Orchestra will be dropping a new single later this month, including two new tunes “Ah Beh Bah” and “Big Belly Blues”. (ZEPS043) Pre-orders of the 7″ vinyl single will already include digital downloads of the track as soon as ordered. The actual vinyl copies will be available from 30 november. Pre-order your copy here!

Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá touring Belgium and Netherlands

Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá will be touring in Belgium and Netherlands with their ‘Palenque a Matongé’ project this October. For more info check out the links below: 12/10 – Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá, Festival ColorES, Rotterdam 13/10 – Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá, Festival ColorES, Amsterdam 17/10 – Alé Kumá, ViaVia Cafe, Brussel 18/10 […]


Several live concerts have been added to the Black Flower agenda. Come and check them live if you dare. // Sept 16 – L’Boulevard Festival, Casablanca (MA) // Sept 21 – La Marberie, Montreuil (FR) // Sept 22 – L’Asca, Beauvais (FR) // Oct 11 – Café Budapest, Budapest (HU) // Oct 18 – MaMA, […]

First of two videos we recorded at Theater Tinnenpot with Ana Llanes and Myrddin

Marmorera Soleá por Bulerías Ana Llanes – dance Myrddin – guitar Nathan Daems – flute Robbe Kieckens – percussion Choreography by Ana Llanes Music composed by Myrddin Marmorera  Until the end of the 19th century, the population of Marmorera was almost exclusively Romansh-speaking, one of the four official languages of Switzerland. In the early 1950s the […]

Myrddin starts with recordings for his new album

Myrddin has started recordings for his new album at Eureka Studios in Cordoba, Spain. From the 10th of July until the 19th he recorded more then 33 hours of music in collaboration with Spanish engineer/producer Fernando Vacas.

Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá Summer Tour

A first brief summer tour for Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá presenting the new project De Palenque à Matongé will take them to: 30 June – Couleur Café, Brussels 1st of July – Copacobana, Ghent 7th of July – Afrika Festival Hertme (NL) 13th of July – Trefpunt Festival / Gentse Feesten, Ghent 15th of […]

New Website Online!

Hello people! Welcome to our new website! We’re a so happy that we finally got rid of our old and outdated website and so exciting that we have a webshop where all our releases are for sale (those that are not sold out, that is). It’s a basic, easy to navigate website, but you’ll be […]

Jamaican Jazz Orchestra’s Tribute to Bob Marley

A fine evening it was! Together with Seekaman, Dj Jah Shakespear and Collieman, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra honoured Bob Marley at De Centrale, Ghent. Reggae.be was present and enjoyed it as much as we did: “…Ska- en rocksteady rhythms are still the driving force, but JJO brews a exotic, exciting and highly danceable cocktail out of […]