Debuting this Friday: the fresh release “Sonfo”!

Aboubakar Traoré & Balima – Sonfo 4pm in Bobo-Dioulasso, the courtyards come alive. Everywhere in Sector 22, percussion instruments are brought out and people gather to play, dance and sing for several hours. With their new track Sonfo, Aboubakar Traoré & Balima plunge us into the twilight atmosphere of Burkina Faso’s cultural city.

spëcht – Triptyques album out now

 Todaay spëcht releases ‘Triptyques‘ together with a beautiful videoclip by In The Dark Films This album continues their sonic exploration, blending acoustic and electronic elements seamlessly. Divided into three distinct chapters, “Triptyques” offers a wordless narrative, guiding listeners through intricate melodies, innovative percussion, and daring experimental sounds. Each chapter stands as a unique piece, […]

Kosmo Sound – Showcase Concert in Sofia, Bulgary

Kosmo Sound has been selected to shine on the international stage with a showcase concert in Sofia, Bulgaria! In an exciting collaboration with A to Jazz Festival, Kosmo Sound will share their unique musical masterpiece with the enthusiastic audience in Sofia. This is an incredible opportunity for the band to present their groundbreaking sound to […]

Koen De Cauter – “Music Matters” – Klara

Exclusive Insight from Koen De Cauter: Unveiling the Genius of Guido Gezelle in a Richly Illustrated Album! In a recent interview with Koen De Cauter, the musical virtuoso declared, “He is a genius, much like Bach: strict and pure.” This revelation stems from Koen’s childhood, where he discovered the soul-stirring poem “Tranen” by Guido Gezelle. […]

Koen Zingt Gezelle – O Leeksken Licht

Exploring the Musical Tapestry of Guido Gezelle: Myrddin and Koen De Cauter Unveil a Contemporary Interpretation In a harmonious fusion of poetry and melody, Myrddin and Koen De Cauter present a contemporary exploration of the works of one of Flanders’ literary treasures, Guido Gezelle. The duo’s latest project marks the culmination of a three-part musical […]

New single by Spëcht – 2.3

Appealing to the adventurous soul of the listener, the second chapter takes you to one place and then another, blurring the lines. The closing track, 2.3 is addressed more directly to the body, inviting the listener to delve deep down. A distinctive groove settles in this piece. The track features on the band’s second album ‘Triptyques‘, weaving […]

Halva – Musafir

Invoking the sound of Rebetiko, title track Musafir breathes the groove, sound and vibe of Greco-Turkish music. The octet Halva recreates the sound of a Middle Eastern orchestra, forming the background for guest vocalist Andriana Achitzanova.

new single by Spëcht out today

Like waves that come and go, polyrhythmic patterns are expanded in this track, creating a mood that is both energetic and floaty. The trio’s unique blend of acoustic sounds and effects is immediately recognisable. “1.2” is the centrepiece of the first chapter on the band’s second album ‘Triptyques‘, weaving together grooves and sonic textures across […]

Warakatan wa Kalam Videoclip

   ‘Gaïsha – Warakatan wa Kalam’ A video by Grégoire Verbeke With the support of Sabam For Culture & Playright ℗ © Zephyrus Records –