From: 15,00

From: 15,00


“…Psychedelic funk between North and South: wahwah- and fuzz pedals, Farfissa organs and melodicas, afrobeat and grooves drenched in the melancholic and sensual scales of Ethiojazz. This debut album sounds nostalgic and lighthearted.”  – Focus Knack 3***

… pretty legit if you ask me” – LeFto

…one of Belgium’s Best Band of these pas years… Black Flower always grooves” – Kurt Overbergh, AB

Born out of a surreal experience and with strong devotion Black Flower takes you on a lucid voyage through the gardens of the Abyssinian afterlife. It is said that these are the secret realms of the long past legendary ruler of Ethiopia, Sir Prester John. Some even claim that he composed these sounds as a way of ruling his ancient land. Whether this is fact or myth, nobody knows for sure…


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Alto tenor, baritone saxophone, flute, melodica by Nathan Daens

Cornet, alto horn by Jon Birdsong

Drums by Simon Segers

Bass by Filip Vandebril

Keys by Wouter Haest

Electric guitar by Smokey Hormel

Percussion by Robbe Kieckens

All tracks composed by Nathan Daens

Recorded at Boma Studios, Ghent

Mixed and produced by Frederik Segers

Backline support by Bram Gringhuis

Mastering by Frank Meritt at The Cavery, London

Artwork by Kasper Baele

Layout by Natasja Billiau



1. Solar Eclipse
2. Upwards
3. I Threw A Lemon At That Girl
4. Jungle Desert
5. Winter
6. Star Fishing
7. The Legacy Of Prester John
8. Again I lost It
9. Abyssinia Afterlife

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