From: 15,00

From: 15,00

Available on 180 gr Standard Vinyl and 6 Panel Digipack CD


Belgian percussion trio spëcht – formerly known as Hands in Motion – craft a distinctive sonic tapestry merging acoustic percussion with electronic effects, captivating atmospheres, and dynamic rhythms. Their music transcends genre boundaries, inviting listeners on an adventurous exploration. Their debut album, “Dawn” garnered international attention, propelling them onto stages at prestigious events like the A to Jazz Festival and Tallinn Music Week.Now, with their latest album, “Triptyques” spëcht promises an immersive journey into uncharted musical territories. Scheduled for release in March 2024, this album continues their sonic exploration, blending acoustic and electronic elements seamlessly. Divided into three distinct chapters, “Triptyques” offers a wordless narrative, guiding listeners through intricate melodies, innovative percussion, and daring experimental sounds. Each chapter stands as a unique piece, yet together they form a cohesive, mesmerizing narrative, showcasing spëcht’s evolution and artistic vision.
With Simon Leleux (Fabrizio Cassol / I Silenti, Refugees for Refugees), Robbe Kieckens (Lamekan Ensemble, Myrddin De Cauter) and Célestin Massot

“The album is innovative, exciting, beautiful, introspective. Beautiful, very beautiful.” – Jan Vranken (@maxazinenl )

“A journey through all the possibilities of the world of percussion. And it is fascinating. The melodies, the rhythms, the atmosphere they bring are captivating.” – Jean-Claude Vantroyen (@lesoirbe )

“This album is praised for its ingenious and captivating sound. It is strongly recommended to see the artist live, as the percussive sounds and performance shine best during live performances.” – Björn Comhaire (@luminous_dash )

“A delightful record that captivates and surprises.” – Dani Heyvaert (Rootstime)

“The combination of acoustic instruments together with electronics has its own magic. An adventurous and daring album.” – Mathijs van den Berg (Jazzenzo)

The press about ‘Dawn‘ (first album):

“A unique album, Dawn provides for a harmonizing of mind and body within the entire sphere of their music” – Roots Music Report

“Si vous avez envie de voyager, besoin d’un peu d’exotisme ou plus prosaïquement si vous êtes fan de percussions… cet album est pour vous!” Larsen Magazine

“Ca groove, ca fascine en une sorte de transe qui nous transporte”Le Soir

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