We all know Kosmo Sound is not afraid to mix sounds with dub, they proof this yet again with their latest single YOMALA. This time Kosmo Sound experiment with the traditional sounds of Gnawa. For this single they get backed up by the vocals of Imane Guemssy.

Their first collaboration with vocalist, Imane Guemssy kicks off with influences from Moroccan desert blues and Gnawa in the vocals and strings: Ambroos De Schepper’s sax meanders like that of Pharoah Sanders, softly and with the lively dynamics of a babbling brook that slowly guides us off music’s beaten path. Those who listen are transported towards a sound palette that is rich in contrasts, with sharp electric guitar chords encouraging Guemssy’s warm voice.

With their music built entirely around a steady, infectious groove, the sextet Kosmo Sound enjoys the freedom of detailing their music all the way to the brink. And yes, the playful, undistressed allure of dub is alive in Kosmo Sound, that incorporates rhythms from all possible specters of the instrumental music landscape: this causes for a listening that is at once deeply relaxing and mind-bending, best enjoyed with the freedom either to move, or to let the mind travel freely.