Halva – “Musafir” (album) + “The Journey” (videoclip) is out now!

Release Day – Halva’s ‘Musafir’ Album and ‘The Journey’ Video Clip The Journey is one of the central pieces of the album Musafir. Being a musafir, a guest, a stranger, implies to travel. The journey means being in between two worlds, a brief moment of mute weightlessness in which the grief of leaving home and […]

Aboubakar Traoré & Balima release “Sonfo”!

Aboubakar Traoré & Balima – Sonfo 4pm in Bobo-Dioulasso, the courtyards come alive. Everywhere in Sector 22, percussion instruments are brought out and people gather to play, dance and sing for several hours. With their new track Sonfo, Aboubakar Traoré & Balima plunge us into the twilight atmosphere of Burkina Faso’s cultural city.