Hijaz releases new album

‘Hijaz + Strings’ is the fifth album by multi-ethnic jazz combo Hijaz, in which they further explore the differences and similarities between Eastern rhythms & scales and Western jazz. For this album the band aligned with a cello and two violins, arranged for strings by bass player Ben Faes. On this album, Hijaz observes the […]

New drop by Proyecto Secreto

Widely considered to be one of the most notorious ska bands in Belgium, Proyecto Secreto is back with new ear candy. Proyecto Secreto are known as a true live sensation, having rocked festivals all over the world. By bringing their unique blend of ska, tropical rock and reggae, they shared the stage with legends like […]

New single release by Hijaz

Hijaz is the multicultural group that combines Eastern melodies with improvised jazz. Their music is based on the dialogue between oud and piano. More than ten years already, the band is weaving an intriguing web of Mediterranean warmth, polyrhythmic structures and musical virtuosity. On Friday the 31st of March they release ‘Drunken Greek’, the second […]

New oriental groove by Gaïsha

 Literally translated as ‘the possessed one’, Ya Majnoun is the new rousing psychedelic track of Gaïsha. With its mesmerizing oriental vocal line and funky synth tunes it’ll make you wanna boogie in the kitchen immediately! Ya Majnoun is the third single of the upcoming album.   Debut album: out on 24/03 Release concert: 23/03 […]

Myrddin & Nino de los Reyes

Voor de presentatie van zijn album ‘Myfyrio’ in het Gravensteen enkele jaren geleden wist Myrddin niemand minder te strikken dan rijzende ster Nino de los Reyes – éen van de stevigste performers in de hedendaagse flamenco die extra poëzie brengt in de sowieso al beeldrijke taal van Myrddin.. Nino de los Reyes toerde onder meer met Carmen Cortes, Javier Baron en Tony Gatlif’s show Vertige of was te zien als gast bij Pepe Habichuela, Enrique Morente of de […]

Debut album Sheikhs Shikhats & B’net Chaabi out now

On Friday March 3 the Sheikhs Shikhats & B’net Chaabi drop their eponymous debut album. The kick-off for a tour in Brussels, Flanders and the Netherlands. With the release, Laïla and her colorful extra large ensemble pay tribute to the shikhats and ghanayats, singers who fought for freedom of expression in 19th-century Morocco through popular […]

Tideland new single by Hijaz

‘Tideland‘, the first single of the upcoming album ‘Hijaz + Strings” to be released in April 2023. Hijaz is a multicultural ensemble that combines Eastern melodies with improvised jazz. Their music is based on the dialogue between oud and piano. ‘Hijaz’ refers to the Arabic musical scale but also holds a clear reference to jazz. […]

Gaïsha releases ‘Gand la nuit’

Today we release the second teaser of the upcoming album of Gaïsha: ‘Gand la nuit’, a steamy ride of French tunes and mystical ballad vibes. On the 24th of March their debut album will appear. Stay tuned for more groovyness! Want to hear them live? Come and join us at Missy Sippy Gent on the 16th […]

New urban chaabi track out now

 Today we drop ‘Complainte Chaabi | Awmaloulou’, the fresh urban chaabi track of Sheikhs Shikhats & B’net Chaabi. An original and funky composition based on a traditional Moroccan chaabi song from the 60s. The traditional song tells how migrants feel empowered by the memories of family and loved ones back home. ‘Complainte Chaabi | […]