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Halva plays traditional Eastern European music with a unique approach: they exclusively play new compositions from the hand of bandleader Nicolaas Cottenie, inspired by traditional repertoire and style. Previously only performing instrumentally, they have now teamed up with Greek singer Andriana Achitzanova for their latest album Musafir.

Musafir focuses on the musical traditions of Greece and Romania, with visits to Turkey and Bulgaria. The band presents a wide range of timbres and atmospheres, ranging from energetic and lively to thoughtful and serious.

With their expressive and virtuosic playing, they have made a name for enchanting the audience with varied and subtle manipulation of colour and timbre.

The word musafir having meanings such as “guest”, “stranger” and “traveller” in a.o. Romanian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic, the album Musafir reflects on the theme of being a guest/traveller/foreigner, exploring the joy of connection with and acceptance by others, as well as feelings of loneliness and despair.


“’Musafir’ is a virtuosic album about encounters – more fitting to our time than ever.” – radioshow @deutschlandfunkkultur

“Preserving tradition, embracing new things and combining these both without blinders are the types of challenges that Halva celebrates with musical virtuosity.” – Andreas Lüschen-Heimer (Magazin Forum)

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