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SAF is the first and – for the time being – only release by the prodigy of the chanson of Ghent, sung in a juicy local dialect. With a Tom Waits like voice, SAF sings about the beautiful and less beautiful sides of life. Backed by a talented group of musicians, the gipsy jazz, waltzes, java and paso doble, perfectly suit the atmosphere SAF wants to evoke in his songs. Since Walter De Buck recorded two emblematic albums in the 70’s in the local dialect, SAF’s debut is the only real attempt to succeed.

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Lyrics by Saf – Saf (5)

Mixed by Frank Van Bogaert

Music by Michael De Schryver, Rein De Vos and Saf

Produced by Rik Tans and Saf



1. ‘K Heht Gezien
2. L’Amour Du Sens Unique
3. Moedermensaliene
4. Den Discours
5. ‘T Vertellement
6. De Meander
7. Blijf Van Mijn Lijf
8. Mariely
9. Loat Ons Klinken w/ Sarah d’Hondt
10. Elk Zijn Beklacht
11. ‘T Schrijfsterke
12. Mijn herte (Bonus)
13. Blijf Van Mijn Lijf (Bonus)