First single of Myrddin & Imre

 Friday the 28th of April we release ‘De Zwaluwe’, the first single of Myrddin en Imre‘s upcoming debut album. Myrddin De Cauter, the youngest son of multi-instrumentalist musician Koen De Cauter, is a phenomenon in the world of contemporary music. As a teenager, he discovered the richness and originality of the flamenco guitar. After […]

Hijaz releases new album

‘Hijaz + Strings’ is the fifth album by multi-ethnic jazz combo Hijaz, in which they further explore the differences and similarities between Eastern rhythms & scales and Western jazz. For this album the band aligned with a cello and two violins, arranged for strings by bass player Ben Faes. On this album, Hijaz observes the […]

New drop by Proyecto Secreto

Widely considered to be one of the most notorious ska bands in Belgium, Proyecto Secreto is back with new ear candy. Proyecto Secreto are known as a true live sensation, having rocked festivals all over the world. By bringing their unique blend of ska, tropical rock and reggae, they shared the stage with legends like […]