Dizzy Mandjeku & Odemba OK Allstars, the esteemed Congolese musical ensemble, joyfully announces the forthcoming release of their latest masterpiece, “Odemba Nostalgie – Rumba Congolaise,” on vinyl format.

Dizzy Mandjeku is considered a living guitar legend. The guitar riff from Stromae’s Papaoutai, ten years on tour with Zap Mama and besties with Baloji. Over the years he has built up an entire repertoire with the greats of Congolese rumba. Cuban rumba was vibrant in Congo and it didn’t take long before traditional elements started to blend with modern instruments. With Franco Luambo and his band T.P.O.K. Jazz at the forefront, the music evolved into a brand new style called Rumba Odemba. Dizzy, having been a member of the T.P.O.K. Jazz later founded the Odemba OK Allstars in Brussels in order to keep th unique ‘Rumba Odemba’ alive.

As an hommage to Franco Luambo, Dizzy took six of songs he used to play with him and interweaved them into two medleys: ‘Odemba #1’ and ‘Odemba #2’.

“Odemba Nostalgie – Rumba Congolaise” pays homage to the timeless tradition of Congolese rumba. Guided by the expertise of producer Toms Ntale and mixer Vincent Kenis (Crammed Discs) the album delivers an authentic listening experience that transports listeners to the heart of Congo’s vibrant music scene.