The two musical pioneers, Myrddin and Stijn Kuppens join forces to present a surprising mix of original instrumental compositions.

Myrddin, known for his exceptionally versatile talent, is a flamenco guitarist who has mastered the essence of flamenco and delves effortlessly into the elements of jazz and classical music. His music is deeply emotional, complex and rhythmic.
With every note Myrddin plays, you are drawn into a meditative journey where music is the canvas for stunning emotions and profound lyrical experiences.

Stijn Kuppens, a Belgian cellist, composer, producer and improviser. His music is multifaceted and reflects his personal artistic journey, drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, from classical to rock and from pop to jazz.

From the meeting between Myrddin and Stijn could only come wonderful music. Both are incredibly fascinating musicians with their unique musical identities. They show the passion that drives them when they take the stage, which also shines through in their compositions.