“When listening to Myrddin I hear much more than only guitar. I get drawn in, enticed to join his quest, as if he wants me to participate. Just like in theatre, the curtain is drawn to the sides, the spotlights are lit, silence sets in and you feel like anything is possible. Wonderful, inexplicable things are about to happen. I hear Myrddin, and I get carried away in his seeking meditation that suggests anonymity and witness a deep lyrical experience.”– Wannes Van de Velde


Myrddin & BOW

After collaborations with, among others, father Koen, Jef Neve, Gabriel Rios, Wannes Van de Velde, Johan Verminnen and 4 albums with his own compositions, he is currently working on a new solo album. The music of Myrddin goes through marrow and bone and is both complex, passionately rhythmic and profoundly emotional. His swiftness sometimes seems extraterrestrial. But those who take the time to listen intensively to their music know that one note played by Myrddin contains more clenched emotion than hundreds of pieces of music. With the BOW strings, Myrddin goes for the same intensity, he wants to hold and emphasize the feeling. Existing pieces are being edited; new material grows from the combination of guitar and strings.
Myrddin – guitar
Benoit Leseure & Margaret Hermant – violin
Jean-Francois Durdu – viola
Marine Horbachewski – cello