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Second record by Myrddin, originally released on Munich Records in 2005, remastered and rereleased on Zephyrus Records in 2013, with a bonus track by Myrddin and José Ligero.


After Imre, his intimate, at times inaccessible first record, Novar is a more contemporary flamenco record with the basic elements of the Spanish art form, palmas, cante y guitarra. Yet Myrddin already pushes the boundaries of the style towards fusion with funky jazz and melancholic piano parts. A very special moment on the album is the featuring of the famous Flemish folksinger Wannes Van de Velde, who sings Dien Avond en die Rooze, a poem by Flemish poet Guido Gezelle, in pure tangos style.

De Morgen about Novar:

“The young guitar player displays his virtuosity without being arrogant.”

“The bravery to push the boundaries of the genre, without coming close to commercial is the determining factor of this record. But what strikes the most, is the maturity of his playing and the grasp of the flamenco idiom. With his technical skills, Myrddin effortlessly integrates jazz, film scores and classical music in his compositions.”

‘Novar’ is a beautiful example of virtuosic music that fully serves the emotion and therefore does not need to resort to peculiar tricks. – DF, Munich Records, De Tijd

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Bass by Tomas De Smet

Double Bass by Dajo De Cauter

Electric Guitar by Hendrik Braeckman

Executive Producer – Job Zomer

Guitar by Myrddin

Mastered and mixed by Jochem Geene and Myrdinn

Percussion and guitar by Jose Toral

Photography by Senta Kochanek

Piano by Vigdis De Cauter

Produced by Koen De Cauter

Recorded by Jochem Geene and Myrdinn

Vocals by Jose Ligero and Wannes Van De Velde



1. Novar
2. Este Noche Y La Rosa
3. Flamencowboys
4. Bruna
5. Scarlatti
6. Porque Lo Llevo En La Sangre
7. Solea Por Tabla
8. Flamencontrar

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