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Inspired by Colombia’s big band ballroom-sound from the 50’s and 60’s (think Lucho Bermudez, Lito Barientes), Maguaré’s sound is defined by a massive horn section, a original Colombian percussion setup and the vocals of front singer and entertainer Paola Márquez.

This Belgo-Colombian-Chilean collaboration stands out with their unique sound which can be described as ‘Banda Cumbia’, referring to the strong presence of the big band element (Music Frames, 2013) .


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Mastered by Frankie ‘Sofrito’ Francis

Mixed by Eblis Alvarez and Mario Galeano



1. Cumbia D’Insomnia
2. El Fremdeling
3. La Luxemburguesa
4. Ritmo De Juventud
5. Jungle Fever
6. Optimismo Infernal
7. Cumbia De Blankenberge
8. Fanny G
9. Noche Ausente
10. Mi Cumbia
11. La Limitación
12. Lupita
13. Dominique
14. Ritmo De Juventud (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)