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Antwerp-based band led by saxophone player Vincent Brijs was triggered to record this album after the impressive encounter at Nuff Said – the bands local improvisation stage – with singer/writer/poet Anthony Joseph from Trinidad.

Anthony Joseph sounds like the legitimate heir of Gil Scott-Heron. With lyrics about spirituality, love, Afro-American’s lives in the USA,… he is in the middle and the band BRZZVLL ‘swings’ around him with funky grooves, jazzy rhythms that make you shake.

We call it a 70’s trippy fusion impro funkjazz vibe from the Antwerp underground.

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Backing vocals by Cathy Van Houcke

Baritone Saxophone and percussion by Vincent Brijs

Bass by Dris Laheye

Drums and percussion by Maarten Hoesen

Guitar and banjo by Geert Hellings

Keyboards by Jan Willems

Lyrics by Anthony Joseph

Tenor saxophone and percussion by Andrew Claes

Vocals by Anthony Joseph



1. Engines
2. Liquor Store
3. Interludium I
4. Liverpool Highlands
5. Combustible And Frozen
6. Interludium II
7. Mind Is A Jungle
8. Root Strata
9. Interludium III

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