spëcht – Triptyques album out now

 Todaay spëcht releases ‘Triptyques‘ together with a beautiful videoclip by In The Dark Films This album continues their sonic exploration, blending acoustic and electronic elements seamlessly. Divided into three distinct chapters, “Triptyques” offers a wordless narrative, guiding listeners through intricate melodies, innovative percussion, and daring experimental sounds. Each chapter stands as a unique piece, […]

Kosmo Sound – Showcase Concert in Sofia, Bulgary

Kosmo Sound has been selected to shine on the international stage with a showcase concert in Sofia, Bulgaria! In an exciting collaboration with A to Jazz Festival, Kosmo Sound will share their unique musical masterpiece with the enthusiastic audience in Sofia. This is an incredible opportunity for the band to present their groundbreaking sound to […]

Koen De Cauter – “Music Matters” – Klara

Exclusive Insight from Koen De Cauter: Unveiling the Genius of Guido Gezelle in a Richly Illustrated Album! In a recent interview with Koen De Cauter, the musical virtuoso declared, “He is a genius, much like Bach: strict and pure.” This revelation stems from Koen’s childhood, where he discovered the soul-stirring poem “Tranen” by Guido Gezelle. […]

Koen Zingt Gezelle – O Leeksken Licht

Exploring the Musical Tapestry of Guido Gezelle: Myrddin and Koen De Cauter Unveil a Contemporary Interpretation In a harmonious fusion of poetry and melody, Myrddin and Koen De Cauter present a contemporary exploration of the works of one of Flanders’ literary treasures, Guido Gezelle. The duo’s latest project marks the culmination of a three-part musical […]