Exploring the Musical Tapestry of Guido Gezelle: Myrddin and Koen De Cauter Unveil a Contemporary Interpretation

In a harmonious fusion of poetry and melody, Myrddin and Koen De Cauter present a contemporary exploration of the works of one of Flanders’ literary treasures, Guido Gezelle. The duo’s latest project marks the culmination of a three-part musical journey that began three decades ago with Koen De Cauter’s initial collaboration with Dick Van Der Harst on ‘t is Stille in 1991, followed by Terug in 1999. Now, after years of anticipation, the third and final installment has emerged, this time featuring the artistic partnership between Koen and his son, Myrddin De Cauter.

Guido Gezelle’s profound body of work has, in recent times, regrettably faded from the limelight. The average Flemish individual, often distancing themselves from anything associated with traditional Catholic beliefs, has overlooked the beauty within Gezelle’s verses. Even innocent depictions of nature have been met with skepticism. In response to this, Koen de Cauter expresses the motivation behind the recordings, stating, “These recordings are an attempt to freely enjoy the poems and music written in freedom, allowing the immense genius of Gezelle to be experienced in musical silence.”

October 2023 witnessed the culmination of this musical odyssey, and the project has taken a multifaceted form. Following the stunning visual aesthetics of Myrddin’s solo album series, “Monstruos y Duendes,” the Gezelle project emerges as a book paired with a double-CD. Each song is accompanied by a unique drawing by Myrddin, creating a visual symphony to complement the auditory journey. The book version boasts 18 songs, while the digital release features a curated selection of six.

This ambitious project not only pays homage to the timeless poetry of Guido Gezelle but also seeks to reignite appreciation for the cultural and artistic richness that may have been overlooked in the contemporary landscape. Myrddin and Koen De Cauter invite audiences to immerse themselves in a musical experience that transcends boundaries and allows the genius of Gezelle to resonate once more in the hearts of listeners.

‘O Leeksken Licht’

“O Leeksken Licht” represents a unique collaboration within the Flemish art world, where Myrddin De Cauter, performing under the name “Koen zingt Gezelle,” brings the refined poems of Guido Gezelle to life.

After the beautiful drawings used in Myrddin’s solo album series (Monstruos y Duendes), this project is released as a book with a double-CD, where Myrddin has provided a unique drawing for each song. (Book version: 18 songs / Digital version: 6 songs)