Exclusive Insight from Koen De Cauter: Unveiling the Genius of Guido Gezelle in a Richly Illustrated Album!

In a recent interview with Koen De Cauter, the musical virtuoso declared, “He is a genius, much like Bach: strict and pure.” This revelation stems from Koen’s childhood, where he discovered the soul-stirring poem “Tranen” by Guido Gezelle. A love affair with the renowned poet was kindled, a flame that burns brightly even today.

Hot off the press, we’re thrilled to announce the release of the eagerly anticipated album, “O Leeksken Licht,” where Koen and his son Myrddin showcase their creative synergy. This family affair extends beyond the studio, as other De Cauter siblings also contributed to this new, rhapsodic journey dedicated to Gezelle.

The De Cauter family, a musical dynasty of great repute, brings their versatility to the forefront with a repertoire spanning flamenco, jazz, Gipsyswing, and chanson. Their artistic philosophy emphasizes the significance of freedom and silence, where silence is deemed the music of the gods.

This illuminating interview sets the stage for a musical journey like no other. Dive into the enchanting world of “O Leeksken Licht,” where the poetry of Guido Gezelle comes alive through the De Cauter family’s artistic interpretation.

Listen to the full interview

Immerse yourself in the magic of Gezelle’s poetry and the rhythmic cadence of the De Cauter family. “O Leeksken Licht” is now available, promising an extraordinary experience in the fusion of poetry and music.