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As a result of the fruitful encounter between Dizzy Mandjeku and Alé Kumá, here is their first album, “De Palenque à Matongé”. A sparkling music blend of Afro-Colombian and Congolese rhythms , two musical traditions that have been travelling back and forth between the New world and the African motherland. 


Uplifting, resilient, and brimming with energy. – Pieter Franssen

It’s party music, though there are also more intimate moments, such as Si Me Miraras, Morena, where light Afro-Cuban influences emerge, adding a sultrier tone amidst the numerous fiery, exhilarating, and danceable compositions like Tengo Un Dolor. The album’s strength lies in its superb ensemble playing, with fantastic interaction among musicians who all excel and give each other room to shine. The result is a wonderfully rich, lush, and swinging album that leaves a lasting impression. Bonus points for the beautiful artwork and for the translation of the lyrics. – Philippe De Cleen

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Arranged by César Medina, Dizzty Mandjeku, Juan Sebastian Ochoa, Leonardo Gomez Jattin, Malage De Lugendo, Sebastian Villanueva en Toms Ntale

Artwork by Maludi

Backing vocals by Andrea Diaz, César Medina, Emeris Solis, Josée Esengo Muza, La Wey Segura, Luz Adriana Medina, Malage De Lugendo, Margarita Redondo, Nidia Gongora, Paola Marquez, Saidou Ilboudo, Orito Cantora

Percussion by Orito Cantora

Bass by Leonardo Gomez Jattin and Toms Ntale

Double bass by Leonardo Gomez Jattin

Drums by Saidou Ilboudo

Executive producer by Jan Hoozee

Guitar by Dizzy Mandjeku, Sebastian Villanueva and Toms Ntale

Keyboards by Juan Sebastian Ochoa

Layout by Kathya Rodriguez

Lyrics by Dizzy Mandjeku, Leonardo Gomez jattin and Malage De Lugendo

Marimba by La Wey Segura

Mastered by Frank Merritt

Mixed by Jefferson Rosas and Tom Ntale

Music by Dizzy Mandjeku and Leonardo Gomez Jattin

Percussion by Abelardo Jimenez, Dagobeto Arrieta, Emeris Solis, Jenn Del Tambo, La Wey Segura, Maria Pacifico, Toms Ntale and Wilmer Guzman

Recorded by Gus Morley and Joel Grignard

Saxophone by Cesar Medina

Vocals by Josée Esengo Muza, Lina Babilonia, Magin Diaz, Malage De Lugendo, Nidia Gongora and Paola Marquez





1. Canción De Amor Y Muerte
2. La Canoa Ranchá
3. Nasinalapi Ndayi
4. Cuando El Silencio Te Nombra
5. Bolingo
6. Si Me Miraras Morena
7. Tengo un dolor
8. De Matongé à Palenque
9. La Pandora
10. A Pilà El Arró