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Third record by multi ethnic jazz combo Hijaz, further explorer the differences and similarities between oriental rhythms and scales and Western jazz. Featuring the voice of Abir Nasraoui and the percussion of Carlo Rizzo.


With Nahadin, Hijaz continued on their path in search of their own musical language, with the creation of new scales and an organic way of composing. The result being a surprising and unusual hybrid of sounds and atmospheres, bridging the gap between improvisation and structure, between Mediterranean warmth and experiment, between tradition and modernity. With the voice of Abir Nasraoui, Hijaz adds another timbre and the poetry of Ibn Arabi. With the percussion of Carlo Rizzo, Italian flavors spice the rhythmical section. The album is – again – a visual masterpiece, thanks to the printing skills of Jozias Boone.

Rating: ★★★★ – Jane Cornwell

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Double Bass and bansuri by Rui Salgado

Lute by Moufadhel Adhoum

Mastered by Uwe Teichert

Mixed by Pieter Thys

Percussion by Carlo Rizzo and Chryster Aerts

Piano by Niko Deman

Vocals by Abir Nasraoui



1. Nahadin
2. Caminhada
3. Hawa
4. Desert Dancer
5. Tih
6. Behind The Mountains
7. Aisha

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