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From: 15,00


Hardly anything about the album Encounters hints at the fact that this is a Belgian production. The songs on ‘Encounters’ definitely sound a lot jazzier than the ones on their 2013 self-titled debut EP, tying in wonderfully with Sarah Devos’ sultry voice. We’ll gladly award ‘Encounters’ a spot in our top ten for 2015.
(Rebel Base)

Jamaican Jazz Orchestra has always strived to find the ‘sweet spot’ between Jamaican traditions – such as reggae, rocksteady and ska-  and jazz. With composer/guitarist Wouter Rosseel and the artist line up of exceptional jazz musicians, there is no doubt they have succeeded in doing so.

The first thing that came to mind when listening to ‘Encounters’, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra’s debut long player, was: “Damn, this sounds great!”, and hardly anything about this album hints at the fact that this is a Belgian production. ‘Encounters’ only counts nine tracks, so you’ll definitely need the repeat button. – Rebel Base

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Alto saxophone and baritone saxophone by Bruno Van der Haegen

Drums by Xan Albrecht

Electric bass and double bass by Ruben Lamon

Lead guitar and rhythm guitar by Wouter Rosseel

Lyrics by Simon Decante and Sarah De Vos

Mastered by Uwe Teichert

Music by Wouter Rosseel

Organ by Dries Geusens

Piano by Karel Cuelenaere

Producer by Frederik Segers and Jamaican Jazz Orchestra

Recorded and mixed by Frederik Segers

Tenor Saxophone by Mattias De Craene

Trombone by Robbe Defraye

Trumpet by Marie-Anne Standaert

Vocals by Simon Decante and Sarah Devos



1. Lions
2. Ungawe
3. Let The Good Times Roll
4. Cool Runnings
5. G13
6. Hot Pepper
7. Dark Light
8. Nyah Vibes
9. Ease up

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