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Latest album by La Panika, released the 19th of January 2018.


Brassband but not just that, La Panika is the fruit of a thousand meetings, a thousand tumults, a thousand madnesses, a thousand events … and an inescapable brass band of the gypsy music of the Balkans, strongly influenced by the Roma music of the Black Sea. The group played numerous concerts in Europe after the release of their debut Afan Toufan in 2008. In October La Panika recorded a second album Darmadan with the help of producer Reinhard Vanbergen which was released on Zephyrus Records on the 19th of January 2018.



Party, joy, merriment, beware! – Jo Van Dessel


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Accordion by Basiten Charlery, Petar Elmazov and Neshko Neshev

Alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, guitar, clarinet and percussion by Benito Blancquaert

Bass, talking drum, acoustic guitar by Reinhard Vanbergen

Clarinet by Mitko Kostov Jr. and Rezak Demirovi

Kanun by Osama Abdulrasol

Marimba by Reinhard Vanbergen

Mastered by Niek Meul

Mixed by Benito Blancquaert

Pedal steel guitar by Reinhard Vanbergen

Percussion by Djemsid Zeinelov and Seven Memedov

Produced by Reinhard Vanbergen

Recorded, mixed and engineered by Reinhard Vanbergen

Remix by Jean-Bernard Hoste

Saxophone by Hendrik Dobbelaere

Sousaphone, double bass and serpent by Cédric Gilmant

Triangle by Reinhard Vanbergen

Trumpet by Jean-Pierre Lietar and Mitko Chakarov

Violin and snare by Reinhard Vanbergen

Voice by Charlotte Caluwaerts and Memphis “Rocky” Vanbergen



1. Dusty Road
2. Dance Of The Turtles
3. Fustani
4. Ibrololov Čoček
5. Deryalar
6. Hora Din Moldova
7. Zmiya
8. Radio Prizren
9. Feka’s Tune
10. Leaving
11. Silicon Madonna
12. Turtle Dance


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